Clothes make the man (and woman) safe

When cellophane was introduced, folks were focused on the advantages, the need for it. As for the dangers? Not so much. It’s often the case that we lose perspective on what may be dangerous when we are concentrating on the features and benefits.

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Back in the 1970s, it wasn’t unusual to see an electrical utility commercial with a worker sporting a gold necklace and polyester clothing. Dressing for work like that today would be unthinkable because of the electrocution risk from jewelry made of conductive metal, and because polyester clothing has the unfortunate tendency to melt into one’s skin if it is exposed to high heat, such as an arc flash. (Today’s moisture-wicking fabrics will melt the same way.)

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That absence of protective clothing back then reflected a lack of knowledge. People accepted that working with electricity was a dangerous job that carried a risk of injury—or even death. The utility industry, fortunately, realized that it needed to change from a culture of acceptance to a culture of safety.

Since then, multiple organizations have developed standards to help protect electrical professionals. It’s clear that protective clothing and accessories have become an important part of electrical safety as compliance with these standards has significantly reduced injuries among electrical professionals.

FeurySafety fire resistant clothing
Today, specially developed clothing contributes to worker safety across many important industries. Clearly more than a fashion statement, clothes now make the man–and woman–safe at work.

FeurySafety is a leading provider of workplace safety apparel in North America. Our garments provide flame-resistant protection, high visibility, comfort, and durability for workers in industries such as chemical, oil, gas, mining and petrochemical; electrical utilities, aviation, manufacturing, construction and security.  DressSafe, WorkSafe. 


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