When is a duck not a duck? Pt.2

Cotton duck workwear FR at FeurySafety

Why Duck?

In Part 1, we discussed the history of cotton duck garments, and of two leading manufacturers, Carhartt and Wrangler. Part 2 explores cotton duck fabric, essential to the creation of  American work wear in general, and fire resistant work wear in particular.

Cotton duck (from the Dutch “doek” for linen canvas), is commonly called “canvas” outside the textile industry and is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric made from cotton fibers, a versatile fabric, which can be machine washed and dried, and is easy to dye and sew. Duck is commonly used for outdoor upholstery, awnings and heavy duty sacks. The heavier grades may be used for sandbags, large tents and boat covers.

There are plenty of advantages of cotton duck fabric for workwear. Among them:

  • a relatively smooth surface not prone to snagging or tearing,
  • a strong ability to block the wind; invaluable for winter weather,
  • although technically flammable, it is somewhat burn-resistant, as sparks or hot ashes won’t set the garment aflame, nor burn small holes throughout, stiff to begin with, frequent washings will break it in well.

Denim and duck both are variants of canvas made with different weaves and yarns. In fact, duct tape, (often called “duck tape”) was originally manufactured by adding an adhesive backing to regular cotton duck. Duck Tape was used to protect the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1902.

Historically, both fabrics have been used to fashion sturdy, long-lasting work wear. The relative comfort of denim, compared to duck fabric, eventually led to its rise in popularity. Today, cotton duck has built a deserved reputation as a hardwearing cotton canvas fabric made for hardworking people.

To meet the strong demand of workers who need protective workwear, comfortable, durable fire resistant workwear is produced today by manufacturers like Carhartt, Bulwark, and Wrangler, all of which are available on FeurySafety.com.

It’s the duck that helps you DressSafe, WorkSafe.

FeurySafety is a leading provider workplace safety apparel in North America. Our garments provide flame-resistant protection, high visibility, comfort, and durability for workers in industries such as chemical, oil, gas, mining and petrochemical; electrical utilities, aviation, manufacturing, construction and security.  DressSafe, WorkSafe. 

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